Sportscaster Incident


Richard Broad
August 5, 2018

Sportscaster Incident

We should do everything we can to eliminate racial discrimination and we need to be sensitive to the very real concerns of minorities, yet sometimes we carry political correctness a bit too far.

A few months ago Oklahoma City announcer Brian Davis (who is white) described the play of OKC guard Russell Westbrook (who is black) by the phrase “He is out of his cotton-picking mind”. He obviously was extolling Westbrook’s abilities. Surely, he wasn’t implying that this player was still no more than a slave who picked cotton inn the field. For this comment, Mr. Davis was severely reprimanded by the team and suspended from his announcer duties.

What would have been nice would for Russell Westbrook to have clearly stated that while clearly aware of the implications of the comment, he harbored no ill will to Brian Davis, instead viewed his comment as a compliment, and requested that team management keep Mr. Davis on in his announcing duties.

There are numerous wrongs perpetrated, mistakes made, sins committed by all of us every day. There are plenty of legitimately serious issues which must be addressed, too many, in fact, to get unnecessarily bogged down in trivia, which only take up our time We must develop the foresight/the perspective to separate the meaningful from the trivial and devote our energies to battles that are worth winning and ultimately to causes that make a difference.